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BTEC Courses

Our internationally recognised BTEC qualifications (approved by Pearsons) are specially designed to support those working in the community safety and ASB sector, including the police, local authorities and housing providers. Our BTEC is bespoke to ensure it is relevant, drawing upon current examples and best practice. The modules are a blend of technical and practical learning designed to equip practitioners with key skills.

Our BTEC offers to learn for those entering the profession through to experienced managers. Each module is designed to support community safety/ ASB professionals to meet the increasing demands of them at every stage in their career. In an ever-changing world where organisations are choosing to do more themselves, officers being qualified gives credibility in a partnership and Court setting.

We believe the advantages of being taught in a classroom environment are hard to beat. The added learning and experience gained from bringing officers together from different organisations, including social housing, local authority and police with a wide variety of experiences, provides opportunities for current case examples and differing problem-solving techniques to be shared and highlighted.

Delivered by subject experts currently working within the community safety and antisocial behaviour sector ensures the best quality content and guidance.

Where there may be a number of people in one organisation undertaking the same qualification we can arrange to deliver our BTEC Programme in-house, please contact us for cost savings.

BTEC Level 1

Award in Antisocial behaviour awareness

This course enables you to learn more about the specialist skills and knowledge required to effectively investigate and respond appropriately to ASB / community safety issues. The Award in Community Safety Casework is perfect for those starting the journey towards specialism or simply wishing to consolidate and validate their knowledge.

BTEC Level 2

Award in Community Safety Casework

It is becoming increasingly recognised that delivering an effective Community Safety / ASB service requires specific skills and knowledge. The Award in Antisocial behaviour awareness course enables you to understand the fundamental community safety role and how the tools available can be used to support individuals and communities. This is ideal if you’re starting out or looking to add credibility to your organisation.

BTEC Level 3

Advanced Award in Community Safety, Crime and Nuisance Management for Practitioners

The course enables ASB & community safety practitioners to develop their skills and become competent specialists. The Advanced Award in Community Safety, Crime and Nuisance Management for Practitioners has a broad choice of key modules focussing on the tools and powers available to tackle Antisocial Behaviour & community safety issues. To qualify delegates are required to complete four modules including the mandatory Tools and Powers module and complete a post-course assignment.

BTEC Level 5

Award in Community Safety Management for Managers

This course covers a wide range of topics with a focus on national strategic development, the wider community safety agenda and supervising casework. The Award in Community Safety Management for Managers course allows delegates to explore the history of Community Safety strategy and the concept of Antisocial Behaviour with a focus on how partnerships operate and how historical cases have shaped current practice and strategy.